A 2021/2022-es tanévben egyéves angol nyelvű LL.M. képzést kínál Párizsban a Panthéon-Assas egyetem 20-30 hallgatónak a nemzetközi bíráskodás és nemzetközi kereskedelmi jogrendezés témakörében.

Jelentkezési határidő: 2021. május 31.

The main objectives of the LL.M. AWArDS (Assas World Arbitration and Disputes Settlement) is to master the fundamental elements of international arbitration law.
  • To understand the peculiarities of the various fields of specialization within international arbitration.
  • To understand the place of international arbitration in the context of international dispute settlement.
  • To comprehend the relationship between arbitral proceedings and state or regional legal systems.
  • To broaden the understanding of international arbitration from a comparative perspective.
  • To get more familiar with the substantive and international aspects of certain legal regimes (international contract law, protection of foreign investments, etc.).
  • To decline the knowledge of international arbitration practitioners (drafting clauses, briefs, pleadings, evidence, examinations and cross-examinations, establishing the quantum of damages, etc.).
  • To understand the functioning and distinctive features of the main arbitration centres and their rules. Involving academics and practitioners specialised in international arbitration, but also in the various specialized fields of dispute before arbitral tribunals.
The training is based on the richness of Paris as one of the most prominent international arbitration venues, internationally recognized as such. Its aim is to train students in the demanding realities of international arbitration law and practice, thanks to the most renowned academics and practitioners.

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