Legal History Research Group

The Legal History Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences operates under the auspices of the Department of the History of Hungarian State and Law. It is the only legal history research programme in Hungary that receives financial support from the Academy of Sciences. The title of the research programme is “Regions – Parliamentarism – The Rule of Law.” It essentially comparative regional analyses as viewed against the background of constitutional development in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Key words: parliaments, parties, parliamentarism; Europe – regions – nation-states; law-making – European practice – codification in Hungary. The members of the group carry out research on parliamentarism, the relationship between European and national institutions and the implementation of the rule of law on nation-state and European levels. Other functions include coordinating other Hungarian tendencies in legal research, organizing scholarly conferences, the publication of essays and informal contacts among the researchers of related issues. Numerous collections of essays by members of the research group have been published.

The group regularly publishes in Hungarian the journal Jogtörténeti Szemle (Legal History Review), in German and English the journal Rechtsgeschichtliche Voträge/Lectures on Legal History. The head of the research group is Lajos Izsák. The members are as follows: Attila Barna, Dóra Frey, András Karácsony, Gábor Máthé, István Stipta and Zoltán Szente.