Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence – About us

The Faculty of Law of the Eötvös Loránd University has a long tradition and experience in teaching EU Law and Private International Law. The Department of Private International Law and European Economic Law was established in 1987. The first obligatory course on EU law was launched in 1990, more than one decade before Hungary’s accession to the EU. The first European Documentation and Research Centre located in Hungary was set up in the framework of the Faculty in 1988. The Department obtained the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence title in 2001. With the financial support of the European Commission, in 2009 the Department launched its research programme with the title ‘Central European Countries After and Before Accession - Possible Ways of Cooperation at Regional Level’. We are strongly committed to maintain and strengthen our position in the teaching and research of EU Law both in Hungary and at an international level. In 2015, the Jean Monnet Module on ‘Perspectives of Unification of Private International Law in the European Union’ was started with the funding of the European Commission.