Master programs in English

LL.M Programs – Application Information

ELTE Faculty of Law welcomes applications from excellent candidates all over the world. The university’s admissions policy and criteria are set by the accreditation document of the program.
The university accepts students on the basis of outstanding academic achievement and English-language proficiency. Please read the following guide before submitting your application.

On-line Application System

All application materials must be submitted on-line with the application form. Materials sent by postal mail, electronic mail or fax are not considered. ELTE Faculty of Law does not return application documents, or provide copies thereof under any circumstances.


You must submit with your online application form a scanned image of

  1. an official English version/translation of your law diploma.
  2. a document certifying your English proficiency
  3. a letter of motivation


  • Degree accepted for admission: legal master degree.
  • An official English translation bears the stamp and signature of a sworn translator or an authorized official of the institution that has issued the original. It should contain the stamp and signature on each page or over a folded and fastened corner of the document, and include a statement of authenticity in English.
  • Note: The required level of English language knowledge is minimum B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

Tuition and Application Fees

The tuition fee is HUF 309,000 per semester for the European and International LL.M program.


  • The LL.M. course is self-funded. Please note that ELTE Faculty of Law is currently not offering any scholarships related to the program.

For Non-EU citizens

The terms and conditions for applying for residence permit for the purpose of studies for third country residence can be found


  • According to Hungarian law, all international students must fulfill all requirements for residency in Hungary: failure to do so will result in the termination of enrollment. Students will be responsible for completing all visa forms in a timely and accurate manner, maintaining and submitting appropriate documentation. Please note the ELTE Faculty of Law does not support visa inquiries monetarily or financially, and does not bear any liability arising from the denial of the granting of your visa or residence permit.
  • Students who come from countries which require visa to Hungary will receive a "Confirmation of Acceptance" letter from the ELTE Faculty of Law Admissions Office. They need to apply for a long-term visa. Please note that this type of visa is a single entry visa. This visa can be obtained from the Hungarian Consulates worldwide. In countries which do not have a Hungarian Consulate, students can use the network of the Honorary Consulates
  • Please submit your visa application documents as early as possible. Please also note that the aliens policing authority has the right to ask for further documents (e.g. academic records).
  • Please do not travel to Hungary on a tourist visa (C-type Visa) or a Schengen visa/residence permit, in the expectation that you can change your visa status while in Hungary. This is not possible and such students have to return to their home country to apply for a long-term visa, a process which can take up to six weeks.
  • Upon completion of the LL.M program, all non-EU participants are required to return to, and to reside in their home country, and are not permitted to stay or attempt to stay in Hungary or any other EU Member States.

Practical information

Various information on libraries, emergency services, cost of living, etc. can be found


Phone: (+36-1) 483 8000 / 4628 ext.
Fax: (+36-1) 483 8018

Application deadline

  • 26 May, 2017 General application deadline for the European and International Business Law LL.M. program

NOTE: Different deadlines are applicable for Hungarian students.