Studying here

Studying here

Studying here as an Exchange Student

Fact sheet 2024/2025
Guidebook for incoming students 2024 Autumn semester

The language of education at the Faculty of Law is Hungarian; to study the Faculty's basic curriculum one should be a law-student with a good understanding of, and ability to express him/herself in the Hungarian language. 

For International Exchange Students our Faculty offers a non-degree training (Exchange Program) in mostly English and German as well as in French and Italian languages. 

The offered study program is for one academic year; students have the possibility to apply for one year or just for the autumn or the spring semester. Accepted students can also attend law courses in Hungarian that are available during the academic year in question - in case they have sufficient knowledge in Hungarian language.

There are the following possibilities for exchange studies at our Faculty:

  1. as an Erasmus/CEEPUS/Bilateral Agreement student
    Students studying at an Institution that has an Erasmus/CEEPUS/Bilateral Agreement with ELTE Faculty of Law and are nominated by their Host Institution can be accepted into our Exchange Program.
    Study in the framework of Student Mobility is free.
    For more information see Application Information.
  2. as a free-mover student
    Students studying at a university in the EU (EEA) and having completed at least 4 semesters of law studies, who are not eligible for an Erasmus /CEEPUS grant can apply to our institution as free-movers. In order to apply, they need to contact our Erasmus Office. Please note that only very limited number of free-mover students can be accepted each semester!
  3. as a fee-paying student
    Students studying at a university outside of the EU (EEA) or within the EU (EEA) but have not been granted a free-mover position (see in point 2.) and having completed at least 4 semesters of law studies can apply to our Faculty as fee-paying students. In case they are accepted by the Admission Committee, they can attend courses in foreign languages announced under the Exchange Program of the Faculty (as well as Hungarian law courses if they speak the language well enough). 
    Tuition fee is EUR 2,000,-/semester. 
    For more information please contact the Exchange Student Office.

All exchange students must obtain a minimum B2 level English language certificate!


Erasmus (Exchange Student) Office

Kecskeméti utca 10-12, 4th floor, room 424
H-1053 Budapest,
Tel: +36-1-483-8015
Fax: +36-1-483-8018

Head of International Office

Ms. Brigitta SZABO
Kecskeméti utca 10-12, 4th floor, room 419 
H-1053 Budapest,                    
Tel: +36-1-483-8019
Fax: +36-1-483-8018

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10:00-12:00

Except for registration days and holidays.