Exchange programs – ERASMUS

Exchange programs – ERASMUS

Our University joined the ERASMUS mobility programme in 1999. Bilateral agreements have been signed with over a hundred partner universities since then. Year by year over a hundred Hungarian students study at universities in Europe while over one hundred and ten foreign students attend our Faculty.

Our students have welcomed a new option of the ERASMUS programme: they may spend compulsory internship at law offices, international organizations or governmental agencies in countries of Europe.

Under the instructors’ mobility component, instructors of the Faculty get the opportunity to teach abroad and foster relations with teachers of the same field. As the lectures of visiting European instructors are known well in advance, they feature in the curriculum, and students from home and abroad can attend them.

The lectures conducted by visiting instructors cover the main branches of law, so the students who study at our Faculty have a choice of lectures in English and German. As there are some fifty such lectures the ad-hoc multinational student audiences can compare the legal systems of various countries and make contacts.

The student mentor system operates successfully both at university- and faculty-level: helpful Hungarian students welcome and assist in the studies and daily university lives of the guest students. At beginning of each term the exchange students can add their names to the University’s international mailing list, and then they are posted about fresh news and programme ideas. An introductory orientation meeting welcomes them in Budapest; then there is a playful and humorous tour of Budapest; and later there are daytrips and excursions within the outside Hungary. At the International Student Club the guest students speak about their customs, introduce the fine arts and cuisine of the countries of their origin.

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Cooperation under the auspices of Networks

The Faculty has joined several networks of law schools to fully utilize the opportunities of the ERASMUS programme and coordinate cooperation more effectively. They are as follows:

  • Rotterdam Network (32 universities),
  • European Legal Practice Integrated Studies (ELPIS) (31 universities),
  • Coimbra subgroup (20 universities),
  • Caen-Würzburg Network (15 universities),
  • Legal Research Network (7 universities),
  • Academia Network (21 universities).
By promoting the mobility of instructors and students across Europe, these networks ensure close cooperation for participating universities and enhance the European and comparative features of legal education. The annual conferences of networks are hosted by another university each year. During those conferences the partner universities discuss experiences of the exchange programme, other issues of international relevance and further opportunities of cooperation.