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Date:  26 May 2017, Fri   
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ELTE Law Journal
NOHA Spring School 2017
Current courses in Foreign Languages
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June International Symposium
What can Central and Eastern Europe learn from the development of Canada's constitutional system? International Symposium on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Confederation, 28 June 2017.
April 26th Summer Seminar
Between June 26th and July 14th 2017, organized by The Tertio Millennio Institute, The Ethics and Public Policy Center (Washington, DC). Deadline for applications is April 23rd 2017.
May 17th Specialization Course in International Criminal Law
The Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights is organizing its 17th Specialization Course in International Criminal Law for Young Penalists on “The International Criminal Court at Fifteen” from May 21–31, 2017.
September Cologne Academies 2017
15th Cologne Academy on International Commercial Arbitration and 12th Cologne Academy on Business Negotiation and Mediation from 3 to 7 September, 2017.
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