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Date:  4 Sep 2015, Fri   
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May Invitation - Courage That Changes the World
Brian Palmer is a social anthropologist and scholar of religion at Uppsala University in Sweden. His lecture will be held in the frame of NOHA Spring School on Humanitarian Action, on 11 May, 2015.
April ZEuP Congress at the Faculty of Law, ELTE
The Conference ’25 Jahre Europäisches Privatrecht: Postsozialismus und europäische Integration’ will take place at our Faculty on 24 and 25 April 2015. The event is the scientific conference organised every three year by the editorial board of the journal Zeitschrift für europäisches Privatrecht.
March The Team of the Faculty of Law, ELTE Won the Jessup Budapest Friendly Moot Court Competition
The Faculty of Law, ELTE hosted the Jessup Budapest Friendly Moot Court that is a European pre-moot of the competition in Washington. The event took place in accordance with the official Washington rules of ILSA (International Law Students Association).
December University ranking
The Faculty of Law of ELTE is at an outstanding place in the university ranking.
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