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Welcome to the Faculty of Law

Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, (ELTE), Hungary’s oldest, largest and most prestigious university, started its 375th academic year in 2010. It is a promising sign that this year it has received the distinguished title of research university.

Tuition at the Faculty of Law of ELTE University began in 1667. No other Hungarian Faculty of Law has longer uninterrupted record, and it ranks well among the most venerable of Central Europe’s law schools in distinction.

The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences maintains wide-ranging international relations primarily with universities in Europe and is proud to be involved in educational and research projects with similar institutions abroad. In recent years we have placed special emphasis on consolidating ties with universities in neighbouring countries to promote intensive regional co-operation in legal education.

Integrating research and education at the Faculty into the European Higher Education Area and fostering international educational and scholarly ties are key components of our vision. Therefore, true to our traditions, we will further expand international contacts in research, education and student exchange. There will be an even greater number of courses and educational programmes in foreign languages, some of them involving eminent instructors from abroad, also to attract and serve students from abroad.

At a time when globalization and European integration are on the agenda, an intercultural approach to law and its application, in other words, comparative legal studies are indispensible for a sound analysis of legal issues and the settlement of legal disputes.

It goes without saying that the Faculty does not intend to train technocrats, whose sole interest is restricted to specific domains of jurisprudence and legal occupations. Instead, we would like to see intellectuals whose studies and research cover a measure of the humanities as well. Ideally, they retain their affinity to the arts throughout their legal careers.

We hope that this website will help you to come to know our Faculty, which continues to welcome all interested instructors, researchers and students.

Prof. Miklós Király


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